Your kitchen is the center stage of your life at home with both friends and family. Your stone countertops are the focus of much attention. Display the best with your choice of natural quartzite, premium granite, white marble, or quartz countertop materials. The stone makes the difference in the design of your space accenting the colors and style of your choices.

Kitchens project

You might want the sleak contemporary look of a mitered edge or the european styling of a double lamination of complex edges, or maybe the timeless appearance of a flat edge. Whichever your choice, Century Granite makes the edges from simple to complex for your kitchen.

When starting your next project you will be confronted with an overwhelming number of choices of colors for your countertops, options for your edges, and selections for your sinks. Use the experience our designers have gained from thousands of installations performed over more than 15 years. We will help you coordinate the colors of your stone to the paint, cabinets, and flooring to create the harmony and balance in your space.

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